UID: UP/2022/0324156

Reg. No. U85300UP2022NPL169463

UID: UP/2022/0324156
Reg. No. U85300UP2022NPL169463

All Donations are exempted Under Section 80 G(5)(IV) of Income Tax Act 1961.

Our Team

Arjee Foundation is led by a group of people who have the passion, creativity and talent to make a difference in our society. People from various walks of life have come together to share their diverse experiences in order to work towards a common cause of improving the lives of those in need. We are also fortunate to have the help of many wonderful volunteers. The top management team is in charge of our work are as follows:

Dr. Ajay Kulshrestha

Dr. Ajay Kulshrestha is a former executive of India’s largest and most prestigious financial organisation, The State Bank of India. He holds a doctorate degree and finance from the prestigious Agra University Agra. Dr. Ajay Kulshrestha is a financial, educational, and legal affairs expert with over 40 years of expertise. Apart from that, he has also been involved in the resolution of a number of social and child labour issues for the last three decades. His aim, vision and philosophy are to improve the socioeconomic situation of India’s impoverished and backward classes. He has recently become involved with organisations that provide medical, legal, educational, social, and financial assistance to the deprived section. He believes in keeping policies in place and promoting the disadvantaged. As an educator, he promotes many federal and state government programmes like as ” Beti Bachao Beti Padhao ,” “Padega India Badega India,” and others. Dr. Ajay Kulshrestha’s sole purpose is to uplift and bring about change in society.

Dr. Sarika Sharma

Dr. Sarika Sharma, Ph.D. Professorial assistant believes in meaningful literacy and that everyone should have equal access to it. She contributes her artistic abilities as well as her instinctive understanding of students and to improve several aspects of teaching approaches. She brings a wealth of grass root experiences with her. Dr. Sarika is also passionate about saving humanity and has previously supported a number of charitable groups with this motive to make a positive difference in our culture and educational system. She joined the ARJEE group because of her interest for working on educational and social concerns in India, especially for disadvantaged class girls.

Dr. Sushil Chauhan

Dr. Sushil Chauhan is a psychologist and physiotherapist with over 30 years of expertise. As a therapist at Prabhat De-addiction Centre Agra, Mr. Chauhan also dealt with addicted people in the community, offering his useful advice. He was also involved in numerous Central and State Government health and family welfare programmes, such as “Sathia”. Purushottam Das Cancer Hospital and Praba Trauma Centre Agra have employed him for techniques such as colour therapy, magnet therapy, acupressure, and naturopathy for the past eight years due to his excellence in the medical sector. He is also a member of the foundation and contributes to a number of social platforms that promote and benefit society.

Apart from that, we have volunteers that educate and mentor children from slum and village community centres, as well as street children, throughout the Delhi & NCR region in order to provide them with a brighter future that will benefit both them and our country.